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Tangie, July 2024

Tangerine (Tangie)

Colour:      DSH Orange
Age:          November 15, 2019

Gender:     Spayed Female (microchipped)

UPDATE: Although Tangie had short term health issues as she approached one and a half years (vomiting/inappetence/diarrhea), we thought it had been resolved as she had been stable for about two months. We chalked it up to some type of viral infection. She was soon placed in a loving, adoptive home. Within a couple of months, however, her problems re-surfaced. She then spent a few weeks back in the care of PAW where she underwent supportive care until she was, once again, completely back to normal and went back to her new home. Unfortunately, that didn't last either and in the fall of 2021, we decided we had to investigate further. Our primary veterinarian in Lethbridge did several required tests, including exploratory surgery and a biopsy, and then arranged for Tangie's referral to a specialist in Calgary. She was diagnosed with hypertrophy of the intestinal smooth muscle causing maldigestion syndrome. Her condition can be managed with diet but not cured. Her loving family had to make the very difficult decision to return their dear little Tangie (renamed Willow) to PAW. With three other cats in their family and a busy work-life schedule, it simply was not possible to assure that Tangie's specialized diet could be strictly adhered to without severely restricting her access to the family, and that would have been no life for her. Tangie now lives in a foster home where an experienced provider has the necessary time to manage Tangie's needs. Tangie still experiences flare-ups if she gets into a food she shouldn't but if that happens, medications and therapies are quickly provided and the event is short-lived. She is on a small, daily dose of predisolone and her diet is a veterinary diet called Z/D (both canned and dry). Overall, her quality of life is very good; she continues to be her loving little self, and shares her foster home with Jerome and, more recently, Russel.


Tangie literally showed up on someone’s doorstep. Fortunately, that someone was well-versed in cat-rescue and Tangie found herself in good hands.


This sweet girl was like a garnet, hidden in mud – that is, abandoned because someone didn’t know what value was inside. Like a jewel that has been polished with attention and care, Tangie has gained in confidence and personality. She sparkles with fun and energy. She loves rolling and running with her foster-siblings, and shines as a mighty huntress when stalking moths or flies that may have found their way inside. But it’s with people that our jewel glows. Lying on or against a human is her favourite position - and at night, be careful: that little prop against your back is our Tangie, snuggled against you in bed. Playful and friendly, loving and entertaining: like a finely-cut topaz, this girlcat has many facets. Clearly, she’s longing for that special person to be her true love.


Tangie sharin' the loves:


Younger picture: