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It's been a bit of a journey with Russel since he came to PAW in early 2023. Then again, rescue rarely follows a straight line. He had enlarged lymph glands and was very thin.  First he was screened for viruses and all, thankfully, came back negative. We then did a tissue biopsy on an enlarged lymph and the pathology showed the enlargement was an inflammatory response to something going on in his body. He had stomatitis (inflammation of the gums and caudal tissue) and though this is the likely cause of the lymph activity in Russel's case, it is generally an uncommon response for stomatitis.

It may sound drastic, but a full teeth extraction for a severe case of stomatitis is often suggested. We have done this for several cats over the years. So, we went ahead, but only the back half of his teeth because he was still quite underweight and we didn't want him to be under anesthetic too long. His healing was slow but sure and gradually his lymph nodes shrunk and his pain lessened. He began to eat more and gained weight. However, the inflammation did not entirely subside and so, one year later (March 2024), we proceeded with the removal of the rest of his teeth. His two week re-check went very well and although just a little bit too early to say, we think we just may have resolved his stomatitis! Cats with no teeth do very well and usually still eat kibble along with canned food.

The two part dental has afforded us the time to really get to know Russel. He is doing fantastic in his foster home and is very cuddly and affectionate - incredibly sweet around other cats too. But he deserves to have his own family!  Read more about his personality below.


Color:      DSH Golden Brown Tabby, white chin, chest and paws
Age:        Born Approx. August 1, 2021
Gender:  Neutered Male/microchipped


We were notified of a stray kitty in a small town outside of Lethbridge. The resident said the young visitor was sad and thin. She'd seen him off and on for a few weeks and was pretty sure he'd been discarded. Because we had a foster family in the vicinity who was willing to take in Russel immediately, he became PAW's newest rescue. He was immediately booked for an evaluation where it was agreed, he was underweight and also dehydrated. He was also a bit congested so was prescribed antibiotics and a de-wormer. The de-wormer worked within a couple of hours and by the next morning, Russel was already feeling better. In fact, he's been quite ravenous and we are letting him eat as much as he chooses!


Russel is a sweetie; if you think you’ve met sweet-natured cats before, you haven’t met Russel. But this two year old golden-brown tabby is more than just a beautiful temperament. He has a character you’d like all cats to have. He enjoys the company of other felines, his relaxed nature making them feel at ease. And once they feel at ease – they can play! And boy, does Russel love to play. With other cats, he will chase and be chased. And a tussle now and then, too! When he’s by himself and feeling rambunctious, there are blankets to toss about, and fish-toys. He loves his humans to get involved with a string-toy. And speaking of humans, he enjoys using them as pillows; he’s a great cuddler. If you aren’t paying attention, he will tell you that you should.

Can we write more about Russel? Sure we can! But contact PAW by clicking here and we'll tell you in person.