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Colour:              DSH Orange Tabby

Born Approx:   May 1, 2023

Gender:             Male


A couple living in a town near Lethbridge grew concerned when they observed a homeless young mother-cat and her three kittens. The little family was new to the neighbourhood and had taken refuge under a neighbour's front step. The littte mom, now named Emori, had lost part of her rear right leg due to some type of catastrophic injury, making providing for her youngsters difficult, and avoiding predators and aggressive street cats problematic. The couple and the neighbour started feeding the little family, and contacted rescue-groups. Among the many strays PAW takes in, it was decided to make a special effort to trap the injured female and her offspring. With the indispensable help of the local couple, the Society was able to capture the kittens and, eventually, their mother. The orange boy – now named Julien – entered the trap first, true to the couple’s description of him as ‘super curious’. His sisters, Klarra and Evelyn, followed a day later. All are in foster-homes now.


He may be curious but we are even more curious! It's the first time we have trapped unsocialised kittens of his age where one of them was so open to being handled. He is very gentle and friendly. It makes us wonder if he was actually Emori's kitten or if he just tagged along when she moved her two little female kittens to this location. They are quite a bit smaller than he is, but of course, that could be due to his gender. Julien quickly caught on how to play with little fuzzy mice and balls and, as with most kittens, loves to chase and stalk a string toy. He eats well and has very good manners. He has also received his first vaccinations and will have his booster on October 4, 2023. His neuter surgery is booked for October 12.

Kittens need your time: playing, holding, brushing, nail trimming, picking up, handling, supervising and making your home kitten-safe.

If you would like to inquire about Julien, please submit by clicking here.

Sleepy boy

Just a few days after Julien arrived in his foster home