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Colour:              DSH Tortoiseshell

Born Approx:   May 1, 2023

Gender:            Spayed Female, microchipped


A couple living in a town near Lethbridge grew concerned when they observed a young homeless mother-cat and her three kittens. The feline family was new to the neighbourhood and had taken refuge under a neighbour's front step at the beginning of August, 2023. The little mom, now named Emori, had lost part of her rear right leg due to some type of catastrophic injury, making providing for her youngsters difficult, and avoiding predators and aggressive street cats problematic. The neighbours started feeding the little family, and contacted rescue-groups. Regardless of capacity issues, PAW decided to make a special effort to trap the injured female and her offspring. With the indispensable help of the local couple, the Society was able to capture the kittens and eventually, their mother. Emori and her kittens had become very familiar with feeding time and their social progress can be attributed to the team effort of the two neighbours, talking to their little visitors and slowly gaining their trust. The orange boy – now named Julien – entered the trap first, true to the couple’s description of him as "super curious". His sisters, Klarra and Evelyn, followed a day later. All are in a foster-home now.


Both Evelyn and Klarra are little sweethearts!  Evelyn is a bit shyer than her sister - but she is a tortoiseshell, after all, and known for their intelligence. With intelligence, comes caution. The two little girls were handled as much as humanly possible and it has certainly paid off. When Evelyn is petted, she purrs up a storm. She even purrs when fighting with a little toy mouse. It truly is an extraordinary and gratifying experience to help little cats who've never had a home become socialized. They just need time to get used to new situations - and Evelyn is doing extraordinarily well. They buzz around the house all day long, seem to be everywhere at once. They no longer hide - but they do investigate what's under every bed, sofa and piece of furniture. At feeding time, it's easy to lure them back into "their" bedroom just by calling out "come on little babies" and showing them their dishes of food (they have to be fed by themselves otherwise they steal the big cats' food). If you didn't know this about tortoiseshell cats, they bond deeply with their person but generally like everyone in the family. They are very special little cats.

All kittens, but especially shyer ones, need your time: playing, holding, brushing, nail trimming, picking up, handling, supervising and making your home kitten-safe. If they stop receiving attention, they'll stop wanting it.

If you would like to inquire about Evelyn, please do so by clicking here.