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ADOPTED (with Noire!)


Colour:              DSH Gray Tabby

Born:                 Approx. June 23, 2021

Gender:            Spayed Female, microchipped


In the spring of 2021, area residents noticed a matted little cat coming semi-regularly to a kitty food bowl on their deck. It was Wren's soon-to-be-mom. Trapping was attempted but the gray girl remained elusive. She then went MIA for several weeks - which is what new moms often do. Sure enough, in early August, four little kittens were seen with her. They came from a large yard with a garden shed across the street. A trapping plan of action was put in place and over the next two nights, the mom and her kittens, including Wren, were safely caught. Three weeks later, a fifth kitten rejoined her family.


Within just a few days, all the kittens were enjoying tummy tickles, cuddles, lap time and kisses. They made fantastic progress. Not exactly the type to dive right in, Wren takes some time to observe when a new situation presents itself. We would say she's probably a little more reserved than her brother Sora. But when it comes to playing with him and the other cats she knows well in her foster home, she is all-in! Noire is her favourite playmate at the moment. But she loves her human-time too, not necessarily long holds, but this sweet and gentle girl wants her share of attention too! She loves jingle balls and crinkly toys and honeysuckle. Anything and everything is a potential toy. Transitioning to a new home, as with most cats, will take a few days. Spending time with her, helping her to know she is safe and loved, and playing with her is the magic mixture.  Before long, she will want to sleep with you on your bed.

Wren and her brother, Sora.