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ADOPTED (with Wren!)


Colour:              DSH Black
Born:                 Approx. April 4, 2021
Gender:            Neutered Male, microchipped


Late in the fall of 2021, Noire was trapped several weeks after he had started visiting the complimentary food bowl on a resident's deck. It was clear that their young  visitor was homeless as the amount he ate indicated this was his sole food source. Plus, he was quite wary of humans.


Noire is still a little shy in new situations, but his foster family is very proud of his progress. Cats like Noire who advance relatively quickly usually have had a home at some point in their lives - short as it may have been. In his multi-cat foster home, Noire had to be kenneled for a few weeks as he waited to be vaccinated, then neutered, then boosted. But he was quiet and incredibly good natured about it all. Of course, he was given lots of attention during that time and came to love being petted and kissed. You won't be able to keep your hands off his thick and glossy coat. He enjoys head and chin scritches and gentle paw massages too. Says foster dad, "He's adorable. When I hold him against my chest, he reaches around my neck and hugs me." With foster mom, Noire assumes the spot that cats love - right in front of the computer monitor - is for asking "are you ready for some me-time?" Of course, it will take time for Noire to feel safe when he transitions to a new home but seeing how quickly he progressed in his foster home shows that he is more than capable of making new friends. The key will be to spend time with him. Luckily, Noire is very playful (after all, he is just a kitten) and loves anything that moves, especially when a person is on the other end of a string toy.