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Tali(left) and Rosie(right)

BONDED PAIR: Sisters Tali and Rosie have never been apart. They were adopted as kittens and lived with their person until recently. The story of how they became orphaned is a tragic one (below). Please consider adopting this lovely pair. We wouldn't dream of separating them!


Color:               DSH Tortoiseshell

Born:                Approx. Sept 18, 2014
Gender:           Spayed Female (microchipped)


Colour:              DSH Orange and White

Born:                 Approx. Sept. 18, 2014

Gender:            Spayed Female (microchipped)


On the evening of Mother’s Day, May 12, 2024, a young couple was killed in a head-on collision on their way back to Lethbridge from Calgary. It was shocking to the community and an unspeakable loss for their families and friends. A few days later, PAW received an email asking if we could help the two cats left behind. We hadn't known the couple had pets; however, a news article described them as animal lovers, so it wasn’t surprising. Within a few days, one of our long-time foster providers made space for these two beautiful cats.

We learned from the couple's upstairs neighbour and one of their good friends, that Tali has a food allergy - only to chicken, they said - and has been successfully fed a raw diet for a few years now. It will be very important to keep Tali on a chicken-free diet. Rosie eats the same food and enjoys it just as much as Tali (see "The Food" below). They have been vet-checked and boosted, both need dental work so we will be scheduling those procedures soon.

Personality - Tali:

Tali adjusted quickly to her foster home. She is in good health, her glossy fur is velvety smooth. She keeps herself very clean with no signs of scratching or itchiness. She enjoys her raw food diet and has learned to eat quickly so that Rosie doesn't eat hers too. She is intrigued by the outdoors and spends a lot of time at a window watching all that goes on 'out there'. Tali has a lot of fun playing in the tunnel and with the track-ball toy. She prefers a covered bed, maybe for security. She also entertains herself by batting around kitty springs and other floor toys. She is very affectionate and will get right in your face to remind you that you are her attendant. Your reward will be a happy little cat contentedly curled up on your lap.

Personality - Rosie:

Rosie is more frightened when presented with a new situation. Having Tali with her for the transition to her foster home definitely helped and, within a few short days, she was eating well and coming out for attention. Like her sister, Rosie is in great shape, a bit larger than her sibling, and she too grooms herself to perfection. She also enjoys being brushed and gives the scratching post a vigorous work-out. She plays in and around the tunnel and likes to climb to a high spot where she prefers her bed to be. Rosie has a funny, squeaky purr, and is very comfortable and relaxed when on a human lap.

Their relationship:

Tali and Rosi have a good relationship. Sometimes they may have a little squabble (for example, they don't like to share a lap) but it is short-lived and they clearly like each other. They like to play a friendly game of chase with each other. Foster mom says "These are the easiest foster cats I've ever had!" They have a great space all to themselves and foster mom spends time with them there. They settled in quickly, possibly because they were so warmly welcomed. They are a wonderful pair of felines, both with distinct and endearing personalities.

They have not been integrated with the resident cats. Rosie, we were told, can be a little territorial and more dominant. Perhaps it would take a bit longer for her to adjust to other pets (we have many suggestions and tips on pet introductions). Pet integrations have a lot to do with individual personalities. There were two dogs in their original home but the cats, for the most part, were kept separate from them.

The Food (frozen, raw):

Bold by Nature is stocked at Bone and Biscuit and Homes Alive. It is a Canadian brand https://boldbynature.com/pet-food/cats/. The cats' diet is rotated between beef, duck and turkey (more information upon request). FYI, eating raw food produces less waste and odour in the litter box.

If you'd like to talk to us about these affectionate, beautiful girls, click here to send an inquiry.