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Color:      DSH White and Grey
Age:        Born approx. October 1, 2011

Gender:  Neutered Male


Spottie was found as a two year old stray in the London Road area in 2013.  It's always difficult to understand why such nice cats end up homeless. He was in a foster home for a couple of years, went on to be adopted in 2016, but sadly, was returned through no fault of his in May, 2017. He's currently sharing a foster home with Noah, another PAW foster kitty.


Spottie is doing very well since his return. He's a quiet fellow with a tiny squeaky-chirpy voice. At first, he didn't understand that Noah meant no harm, that he was simply excited to have a cat-friend. Spottie, would sit or lie with his back against a wall in order to see all angles of Noah's approach. With his foster parents, it was a little different. He was sleeping on their bed within a week and is so very happy to have a relationship with them. He enjoys giving nose-bumps and leg rubs. "He likes to be held and cuddled in small, but frequent doses. He just melts into your arms. It's adorable."

Noah is patiently working his magic with Spottie. It's been fun for their foster parents to watch the friendship unfold. Although Noah would dearly love some rough and tumble play like he had with his other foster friend, Channing (adopted), he learned that surprise jumps frightened Spottie. Noah switched to  a more gentle and respectful approach. Patience always pays off! They are doing very well together and Spottie will no doubt open up even more with Noah as time goes by. But one thing is for sure, Spottie's desire to love and be loved by people is already well established.

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