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Color:      DSH Black (de-clawed)
Age:        Estimated June, 2012
Gender:  Spayed Female


Sasha was found as a stray and remained unclaimed. This lovely house-panther is de-clawed and therefore would have a difficult time fending for herself outdoors. Another local rescue group agreed to take her in and shortly thereafter, Sasha was placed in a PAW Society foster home.


After just a short few months of having foster mom and dad all to herself, Nic and Izzy joined Sasha's life. Though the newcomers were younger and a bit more mischief-prone, she adapted well, once she discovered how to make herself sound and look fierce! After Nic and Izzy were adopted, Sasha welcomed a new PAW foster kitty, Malia. Sharing her home with Malia was a completely different experience and the two girls got used to each other quickly - Malia respected Sasha's space. Sasha likes to be on her human's lap, and to sometimes just sit there without being touched. She very much enjoys playing with a string toy and will happily play hunt and chase with it. She also has bursts of play energy, charging around the room, leaping on and off the furniture. Foster mom says, "she knows breakfast and supper time and sometimes uses her soft little voice as she wanders about, looking up at us as if to say - you know what I want." She enjoys a window perch or a cat tree where she can see what's going on in the outside world. Sasha keeps herself very clean, has good litter box habits and a good appetite, eating both canned and dry food. You'll know she's claimed you as 'hers' when she gently caresses your feet. There are no claws involved, because she has none, but her sweet little paws softly stroking your feet will be "incredibly endearing." Sasha will want to sleep with you - or on you - and sometimes crawl under the covers. We do feel she'd be happiest as an only child as that's when she truly seems to be herself.

Making her biscuits: