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Color:      DSH light gray/tan & peach tabby (there's some tortie in there!)
Age:        Born July 28, 2018
Gender:   Spayed Female

History & Personality:

Pippa and Magnus were born to a rescued pregnant stray (she stayed with her rescuer). Pippa is a bit of a scientist but she doesn’t care much about theory. She’s into the practical side of the discipline. Do you see those big, wide eyes? They observe things, many things, and when she fixes her attention on one item, she investigates. She will watch it move (or sit still, depending…); she will note its habits, and take mental notes. Then Pippa may interact with the object. It’s true that this might contaminate the experiment, but remember, she is practical. Pippa will test its reactions by hiding behind a curtain or under a bed and grabbing at the object as it passes. She delights in having the object relate to her, perhaps by petting or playing with her. And, like those anthropologists who live among the subjects of their study, Pippa will, come the night, conduct her research in the crook of a subject’s arm, curled up in a bed. When morning dawns, she’s ready for more study. She is, after all, the most curious and relentless of scientists: a kitten.

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Magnus (left), Pippa (right):