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Colour:              DSH Orange & White Tabby

Born:                 April 22, 2022

Gender:            Male


A curious home owner (who happens to be a PAW foster provider) asked her neighbours why they were boarding up around the bottom of their backyard shed. The answer was that they were tired of mother cats giving birth under it. They wanted the current family gone. With all the nailing and hammering, the little momma had bolted, along with her kittens. The neighbour had left an opening so as not to trap anyone under the shed. A few hours later, a tiny orange kitten was seen sitting in the grass, bewildered and alone. We're not sure why he would have been left behind - other than his mother was likely completely traumatized. A trap was left by the shed for a couple of days but there has been no sign of her or the other babies.

This is the same shed under which Ela had given birth. Our foster provider rescued her and five kittens in the late summer of 2021. Had we known there was now a new little family needing help, our foster mom would have rescued them too.


After a day of hissing and fussing, little Peanut realized his human caregivers were kind and useful! Soon he was enjoying petting and gentle tummy rubs. He's a very sweet little guy and loves other cats (who are very important for an orphaned kitten's emotional wellbeing). He's talkative and knows how to ask to have his needs met: I'm hungry, I'm ready to play, I need to nap on you. He's not keen on being held when his person is standing up but is completely comfortable with snuggling and cuddling in the cozy crooks of your arms and legs if you are sitting or lying beside him.

He has not yet been vaccinated (estimate around June 27th) but soon after that is completed, he will be ready for adoption. His neuter surgery and microchipping will be arranged at our primary clinic when he is about six months old. His first vaccines, neuter and microchip are included in his adoption fee.

If you are interested in Peanut, you are welcome to fill out an inquiry here.

Look at those tabby markings!