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Millicent (Milli)


Color:             DSH Black

Born approx: January 15, 2005
Gender:          Spayed Female


Milli was adopted from PAW in 2005 when she was just a kitten. She lived with her family until the late fall of 2017 at which time she was returned. A returned cat is always a sad scenario for us but of course we'd rather have a cat come back than be given away to someone who may not provide proper care.


When Milli was returned, she was suffering with a urinary tract infection. She was on antibiotics and still is for a few more days yet. A follow-up urinary analysis is next to make sure she is all better. Feeding a high quality canned food diet for a urinary tract problem is extremely important. The more moisture they take in, the more their body is able to flush out the bladder (canned food is 75% water). Food allergies and stress can also be causes of urinary tract problems. Milli obviously had not been feeling well in her previous home as we were told she had become unfriendly and kept to herself in the basement. In her PAW foster home, we have seen a return to her sweet-natured self. She will be gradually integrated with another foster cat, Spottie, but for now, Milli stays in her own room. It's also the human's TV room so throughout the day she welcomes visits from her foster family. She can't wait for someone to sit down on the couch because it presents a lap for her to occupy - prompting her to purr and drool. Her foster parents worked on removing the matting from her coat which they said made Milli "seem very happy". Her talking voice is a range of "squeaks and chirps". She's playful too! Her toys of choice are a track-ball and string toys. Yes, she may be getting up there in years, but adopting an older cat allows you to share some of the best years of a cat's life. You won't regret it!  Someone to invite her to be part of a family again - maybe a family that's not too busy - that's what she wants most of all.

If you'd like to inquire about Milli, please click here.