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Color:               DSH Calico

Born:                Approx. August 9, 2023
Gender:           Spayed Female, microchipped


Lola is an owner surrender from out of province. Owner surrendered cats are not normally a priority for our group but we made an exception for Lola as we felt she was at risk of abandonment.


We are still getting to know this little girl as she has only been with us since April 9, 2024. That same day, she was health checked, vaccinated, treated for earmites and an eye infection. Although her previous people said she was an 'only cat', the fact that she had ear mites would indicate otherwise. In just one week's time, she has integrated well with a chosen few cats in her foster home. She's even cuddling with them! Again, a sign that this little girl has had previous feline relationships. Foster mom says she is learning that being picked up and held is a way to be close to her person. She is very friendly and wants to be close but she's just not used to being held. She hasn't played with any balls or other kitty toys, and doesn't understand the purpose of a string toy, but we are confidant the switch will be turned on soon and she'll figure out that fun is waiting around every corner! "She eats and potties like the young lady she is." Lola is a very loving little cat, typical of calicos!

If you'd like to talk to us about Lola, click here to send an inquiry.