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Color:      DSH White & Black
Age:        Born Approx. May 15, 2019
Gender:  Male Neutered (tatooed)


Jaycee was a youngster living in a managed feral colony behind a northside business. He and his four siblings appeared suddenly, in the autumn of 2019, and were about five months of age. A litter so advanced into their kittenhood with no history of prior sightings suggests that they were dumped by someone who didn’t want them but who knew of the colony. All were trapped and neutered and spayed; they were thought young enough to socialize.


Were they ever at the right age to socialize! Jaycee is living proof of that. About the only characteristic he retains from his days of living ‘wild’ is that he can frighten easily - but he knows he is safe now, and he recovers quickly. His foster-mom says that Jaycee has a ‘heart of gold; never a harsh hiss for anyone’. Jaycee certainly loved being part of a large family, because he’s still loving it: he loves being with at least one other cat, preferrably more. A more recent addition to his foster-home was welcomed by Jaycee as if they were long-lost pals. Grooming, playing and snoozing are group activities for this young fellow.


The odd time when he does want to be alone, Jaycee finds restfulness in a tented towel or a rumpled blanket. A little cave or corner suits him just fine when he is finished with the bustle of an active day. But he won’t be there for long. There is too much for this very curious fellow to see and do, fighting toys that flop and twitch, watching birds out the window, and one of his favourite pastimes, pursuing electronic fish or mice on a computer tablet. Jaycvee makes as much entertainment for his humans as he does for himself.

If you'd like to inquire about Jaycee, click here

Tangie using Jaycee as a pillow and he doesn't mind::

Jaycee on the left (home-schooling) - mouse simulator: