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Color:               DSH Tuxedo

Born:                Mature - DOB approx. June 11, 2014
Gender:           Spayed Female, micro-chipped


Indigo was rescued at the beginning of April, after having been seen roaming a park for several weeks. Even after scanning social media and advertising on lost-pet sites, no one claimed her, and we must conclude that she was abandoned, perhaps by a family who then moved away. Accustomed to human touch, she nonetheless has had people caring for her at one time.


Indigo is cautious in a new situation. She needed a safe-room and a safe-corner within the room to start off with, but now is more confident. She snoozes on various soft surfaces, not worrying too much about the other cats in her foster-home. Even so, she is not yet happy with having feline roommates, and probably came from an environment in which she was the only pet.

With people, Indigo is friendly and sociable. She is glad to spend time with her care-giver and, though wary of new humans, she isn’t fearful of them, and we think she’d adapt to a new home quite nicely, after a period of adjustment. Though she enjoys a lap, she seems to prefer lying next to her person, where she is comfortable and easily petted. She is a cat who knows her mind: when it comes to food, her foster-guardian is still discovering what Indigo likes and dislikes, and when she dislikes what is served, she will simply sit by her bowl, awaiting - and expecting - a change for the better. She is suspicious of such toys as strings and sticks; she will play with them but treats them more like an enemy than a plaything; this will undoubtedly change. Other toys, however, provoke a different response, and evidence of fuzzy mice and soft fishies being knocked about greet Indie’s foster-guardian when he comes home each day.

Indigo doesn’t make up her mind about something quickly, but when she decides to enjoy herself, there’s no mistake that she’s happy.

If you'd like to talk to us about Indigo, click here to send an inquiry.