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Color:               DLH Tortoiseshell-tabby, white on bib, chest, toes and nose
Born Approx:    May 12, 2020
Gender:            Spayed Female, micro-chipped


Esme was one of three adult mother cats and several kittens rescued from a rural southern Alberta campground in the fall of 2021. Over the course of a few weeks, a compassionate individual from a neighbouring community took on the huge task of trapping all of them before winter set in. Esme's ears had suffered frost damage. It is likely she spent the previous winter down in that lonely, frigid campground. It's difficult to imagine how any of them survived. A couple of weeks after Esme arrived in her foster home, she contracted distemper (panleukopenia virus) from one of the kittens who had been exposed while being housed for a few days in a non-PAW home. Esme was also suffering from very badly infected ears; however, with veterinary support and intensive home-care, she completely recovered from all her challenges. Under all that fur is a tiny, but strong, little body.

UPDATE: January 2024: that "little body" isn't so litttle these days...she's a bit of a chonk now.


We can hardly believe this little beauty's transformation. From trusting only one person in her foster home - and that took time - to a little cat who is completely comfortable lying on her back in the middle of the floor of any room. She still tenses up when approached from above and usually trots away but will soon give up and allow herself to be picked up. She very much enjoys playing with a string toy with a person - she's such a happy and playful little lady. She bats around her toys and pounces on the ball in the turbo scratcher. She enjoys playing the old 'get the moving lump under the blanket' game. She races through the tunnel just for fun. She has everyone in her foster home wrapped around her little finger-claw. She lives with two small dogs who don't see cats as their equals (indifferent). She is never aggressive with other cats and is not super good at sticking up for herself, meaning she would do better with a cat who has a similar personality. She does very well with cats who don't pick on her!

Her diet is quite specific although it's nothing out of the ordinary. She can get a bit of runny stool if her diet changes (best to stick to chicken - her foster family knows what works). She'll need some help with her beautiful, thick, fur coat. She loves to be brushed (a great way to bond). She wants her entire body to be groomed, even her bum.

It may take a little time for Esme to feel comfortable when she goes to a new home. Care must be taken to assure her a safe, indoor-only life as she is smart and know what's on the other side of an outside door. If a once-shy cat gets outside, it can be almost impossible to find them because their survival instincts take over.

Tortoiseshell cats are very inclined towards a strong bond with one person but they generally like all the humans in their home. They can make you work a little bit to beconsidered worthy of their trust and love :)

If you'd like to talk to us about Esme, click here to send an inquiry.