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Colour:              DSH Orange & White Tabby

Born Approx:    April 22, 2022

Gender:             Neutered Male (microchipped)


A curious home owner (who happens to be a PAW foster-provider) asked her neighbours why they were boarding up around the bottom of their backyard shed. The answer was that they were “tired of mother cats giving birth under it”. With all the nailing and hammering, the little momma had bolted, along with her kittens but one. That one was rescued almost immediately (and later adopted). A few weeks later, the remaining three kittens were trapped but their orange mom remains elusive, unfortunately. We still hope to rescue her. The three remaining kittens are the ‘Nuts’: Hazel, Cashew and Brazil (see the others’ separate profiles).

This is the same shed under which Ela had given birth. She and her kittens were rescued in 2021.


Cashew and his brother, Brazil, are both orange, though Cashew is lighter in hue. He’s also a little more confident. He’s a happy youngster who may be a bit reluctant to meet new people, but that reluctance won’t last long. He quickly learned that when his foster-guardians come into a room, he can run to them and asked to be picked up and petted - and they’ll do it! Cashew will sit on foster mom’s pillow beside her and make little noises that say ‘pay attention to me’ or ‘I know you’re hiding treats in your drawer’. He’s very much a people-cat and looks forward to attention. Yes, once he gets to know someone, this active youngster is an extrovert. He’s just as out-going with other cats; he lives with a number of them, including his siblings, and gets along with them just fine. Cashew would be an ideal playmate for a lonely but energetic cat who needs company. And don’t let that expression fool you: he’s actually a pretty modest fellow. Most of the time.

When he was younger: