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Colour:      DSH Dilute Tortoiseshell
Ages:        Born approximately May 1, 2017

Gender:    Spayed female (micro-chipped)


Cali was rescued as a tiny kitten after hitching a ride in a truck from a rural area.


Tiny Cali is perfection! She is gentle and quiet and lifts her little front legs one at a time while she makes her biscuits (she's a professional kneeder...). She is watchful to begin with in new situations, but very soon she'll let you know she wants to be your friend. She will want a deep bond with you and is intelligent like tortoiseshell cats tend to be. You'll want to leave a little room for her on your bed because she will curl up beside you at night. She is clean and tidy. Cali has lots of kitten in her too - she plays and investigates and uses her scratching post to her best advantage. She shares her foster home with other cats and does well with them - particularly the boy kitties - but she would also do very well on her own - as long as she has a special someone to love.

If you would like to inquire about Cali, click here.

Making her biscuits...