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Colour:              DSH Torbie (tortoiseshell/tabby)

Born Approx:     May 15, 2023

Gender:             Spayed Female, microchipped


This little girl we named Aurora was brought to the door of a PAW volunteer in a town outside of Lethbridge. The story was that the kitten had been taken in by someone who found her, then given away.... and, well, now she's an official PAW Society adoption kitten. Aurora has been health checked, vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.


This little beauty is everything you would want in a youngster. She is adorable! After a week of quarantine, she was allowed to integrate with Astrid's babies and another orphaned kitten, Garry. She couldn't have been happier! The younger kittens welcomed her with open paws and didn't hesitate to invite her into their imaginary world of stalk and pounce. Even Astrid, who was a little cool to begin with, decided to give in to Aurora's desire to nurse! It was so sweet to see! Aurora was obviously missing her own mommy.

When Aurora moved to a new foster-home, she didn’t need much time to adjust. In fact, she didn’t need any. She walked out of the carrier with her tail up and her curiosity piqued. She was willing to meet any new cat and see what he or she had to offer.

Aurora is a happy cat, with a ready purr that you can hear across the room. She enjoys attention from people, whether it’s being petted, played with or carried. As for other felines, she quickly made friends with other youngsters, and currently has a choice of playmates among three others, though sometimes, she doesn’t bother choosing, and plays with all at once!

Though there may yet be a cat-bed she favours, when it comes time for a nap, Aurora prefers a human’s bed, or close by. At night, she’ll eventually end up on the bed, perhaps curled up, purring, against or on top of her person’s legs. There aren’t many cats who would fit in more easily to a household than Aurora.

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Oct. 2023

Sept. 2023:

On foster mom's lap, August 10:


Aurora was such a good baby at her first vet appointment:

Have to take peek in those ears!