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Colour:              DSH Classic Black/Gray Tabby

Born Approx:    July, 2022

Gender:             Spayed Female, microchipped


Astrid was being fed by a caring person who lives in an apartment building in central Lethbridge. She must have had someone else offering food because she did not come to his outdoor feeding station every day. But it quickly became obvious her girth had increased and he knew he had to take action before she gave birth outside. He set up a trap and Astrid walked right into it.

Eleven days later on June 4, 2023, Astrid birthed four healthy kittens - Miss Chiff, Raven, Dale and Theodore. Cudos to the people who were looking out for Astrid when she was homeless as this is why she and her kittens have all done so well. Astrid and her little family will be ready for adoption in late August - once it's been confirmed that weaning is complete. If you do not have other cats and are interested in a kitten, please consider adopting two.

There's been improvement in Astrid's eye since an initial vet check on June 2, 2023. Her veterinarian looked at it again on July 21 performed a thorough examination when she was spayed on August 10. They determined the damage was likely due to an injury (that must have hurt!) but the good news is that she has sight. There is no discharge and the inflammation has diminished since her first check up. We decided to let it continue to heal on its own but no one knows if its dark colour will change.


Astrid took her job as a mom very seriously and even took on the care of two more, both a little older than her little brood. Astrid accepted Garry (orphaned) almost immediately whereas it took a few days for Astrid to warm up to Aurora (also orphaned). But soon Aurora was happily nursing away. Now that the kittens are becoming more independent, Astrid has started to come to her foster mom for attention. "When Astrid gets to be just Astrid, she's going to be a bundle of joy for a very lucky family." She has a very sweet nature and loves laps. The veterinary staff was very impressed with her calm and friendly attitude and hopes she finds her forever home soon.