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                                                                                                  Photograph courtesy of Tanya Plonka Photography

Our precious Pumpkin passed away on May 23, 2018. It was a short illness. She hadn't been eating very well for a couple of weeks prior but we thought it could be just another hairball incident as she struggled with those over the years. It turned out not to be that. An abnormal blood panel and a follow-up xray indicated a likely cancerous mass in her upper abdomen. We provided as much supportive care as possible and then admitted her to Highlands Pet Hospital in a last ditch effort. Nothing improved and with very heavy hearts, we said goodbye to our darling Pumpkin. She is deeply missed in my foster home. She loved attention, especially kisses on her nose, and felt free to demand a cuddle whenever she felt the need.  xxoo my sweet girl.  ~Audrey

Pumpkin (permanent foster cat)

Color:      DSH White & Orange
Age:        Born Approx. 2002
Gender:  Spayed Female

Pumpkin is with PAW for the second time.  We try our very best to fulfill our promise to make rescued cats’ lives better for the rest of their lives but sometimes that takes more than one try.  The first time Pumpkin was in the PAW system was in 2003 when she came to us in the late stages of a pregnancy, likely her first.  After her kittens were adopted, the person who fostered Pumpkin decided she would like to keep her.  Pumpkin lived in that home for six years along with another little cat named Keetka.  Both cats were surrendered because their person moved into subsidized housing which does not allow pets.  Although Keetka was not a PAW cat originally, we agreed to take him too because the only other option for him was the animal shelter. Keetka has been adopted and continues to do well.

No faults for this pretty little girl!  She is sweet, gentle and playful. She is currently in a foster home with several other cats. She had no problem sticking up for herself during her integration period. Soon after she was returned to PAW, Pumpkin underwent a full dental. She had several teeth that needed attention. Where we once thought she was a very tiny cat, we now know she was thin because she couldn't eat very well. She eats mostly canned foods (no fish) and cooked chicken breast. She adores her relationship with people.  She loves to curl up beside you or on you.  Pumpkin is curious and goes in places that are generally no-cat zones in her foster home - but it's hard to say no to this little darling. After several years in the same foster home, it's probably in Pumpkin's best interests to live out her life with her foster family.

In one of her two favourite beds (a comfy box):