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Color:      DSH Dilute Orange Tabby with white chest and feet
Age:        Born Approx. June 25, 2020
Gender:  Neutered Male/micro-chipped


Found crouching in the middle of a highway, it was first thought that Xanadu was dead. Thank goodness, the man who saw him stopped, because this little kitten was very much alive. After a few days with his rescuers, he was taken in to a foster-home where he is captivating everyone who meets him.


Xanadu is pretty much everything you’d want in a young cat. He had no problem whatsoever adapting to the strange surroundings of his foster-home. His trust in whichever human he met was complete and immediate, and his happy nature is shown almost all the time. His motor doesn’t seem to have an ‘off’ switch, and watch his little feet knead in gladness. (He looks like an adorable little soldier marching in place when he kneads standing still.) Xanadu enjoys the usual activities of kittenhood: playing with toys (eg. fuzzy mice, balls, ‘floppy’ fish), exploring new surroundings, and watching birds out the window. He knew from the first what a litter-box was for, and grooms himself diligently. If there was one drawback to this little joy, it was that he was initially so active that he wouldn’t lie on a lap or want to be held. This is changing already, and seems only to have been because he was unused to his environment: too excited to sit still! Now, he has learned that a lap is a safe place to snooze, and lying up against someone’s leg is very comfy. He hasn’t met the other cats in his foster-home yet, but shows signs of friendliness and curiosity, and, as a youngster, would probably welcome another youthful cat who is also looking for a playmate. If you want a life-time relationship with a loving cat, you couldn’t do better than Xanadu.