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                                        Photograph courtesy of Tanya Plonka Photography


Color:     DSH Lynx Point Siamese
Gender:  Spayed Female

Age:       Adult


In April, 2006, Tawny was born along with four other kittens to a feral mother cat living in the backyard of a residence in Taber.  Although the person whose yard they lived in was a compassionate person, one of the neighbours wasn't.  Two of Tawny's siblings had been poisoned when they were still youngsters.  At about six months of age, Tawny, along with her mom and two remaining siblings, were trapped and spayed as part of the Trap-Neuter-Return program operated by the Town of Taber and dedicated volunteers.  After a short recovery period, they were returned to their caregiver's yard where they continued to be fed, sheltered and looked after.  But the persecution by the neighbour also continued, this time with golf balls and a slingshot. Tawny was the usual target, likely because her colouring made her more visible and also because she was tamer than other members of her family. Shy cats often don't come out of hiding until it's dark.  It was decided to remove Tawny to see if the rest of her family would be left to live in peace.  It worked.  Once Tawny was no longer seen, the neighbour stopped the abuse.


When Tawny was transferred to her current foster home in 2013, she had a severe case of stomatitis that even the removal of all her teeth didn't cure. It is a very painful condition. After having a feeding tube for a few months, she was prescribed dexamethasone, a daily injection which continues, though this has had to be supplemented by other medicines from time to time, most recently doxycycline. She is on the lowest dose possible for both drugs. But Tawny's life has been good in her now permanent foster-home. She is talented at intimidating anyone occupying a spot she wants. It starts with staring. If that doesn't work, she will lie on the offending body, whether human, feline or canine. She finds her way onto a lap in the same manner. And at night she sometimes sleeps with her foster mom, taking up as much room as possible by sleeping in a horizontal position. Her health has aged her a little beyond her sixteen years - she tends to sleep a great deal - but her youth returns a bit at meat-times, when she trots eagerly to her food. And of course, her demeanour has become only more regal with the years. For a time, life was rough for our Tawny, but her mature years really are golden.

Tawny and Rueben (her love who left her in 2019):