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Color:      DSH White & Black
Age:        Born Approx. February 16, 2019
Gender:   Neutered Male (micro-chipped)


Riley was being fed by a family on their front deck for a few weeks before they decided he had better come inside. This was just prior to the weather turning beastly cold in early February, 2021. At that point, he was presenting as quite shy and would run if he saw his about-to-be-rescuer looking at him through the window. But he never went far. His rescuer was quite sure the white and black visitor was socialized but, like many homeless cats, had probably become wary of people out of necessity. For the sake of expediency, he was trapped. Despite being neutered previously, he remained unclaimed.


It didn’t take long for Riley to relax and begin to establish a relationship with his foster family. He has shown that he loves being a family cat, the closer he can snuggle up beside you, the better. How he must have missed being a person’s pal when he was living rough outside. Through quiet, careful observation he watched the other cats having fun together and gradually he began to let his guard down around them. He now has a friendship with one foster cat in particular, Jaycee, who understood that Riley needed time to get used to his new world that included other felines. But Riley could also be an only cat - we're quite sure he wouldn't mind that. He very much enjoys being brushed - to him, it's another opportunity for loving contact. Now that he's been indoors for a few months, his fur is soft and snowy white and his little paw pads are pink and smooth. He's become quite chatty and loves to engage in conversation, answering your questions with little squeaks and chirps.  He likes to follow you around to see what you're up to. "Someone's going to be very happy with this little boy," says foster mom. To that we would add - and lucky too.