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Description:    DMH Dilute Tortoiseshell (gray & peach)

Gender:          Spayed Female

Age:                Adult


This pretty girl originally came to PAW in late 2006 when she was a six month old kitten.  At that time, she was a young stray who caught the eye of a compassionate person in a neighbourhood.  It was late in the year and the weather had turned cold.  Lucky for Rachael, she was eventually rescued and a spot was found in the PAW Society's foster system.  She was adopted from PAW in 2007 along with two others.  Unfortunately, all three were returned to PAW in the late summer of 2012. Their people said they were moving away and the pets weren't part of the plan.  Rachael has had two dental procedures, two teeth removed the first time and one the last time. Her dental needs have been taken care of hopefully for the rest of her life.


Have you ever had the pleasure of knowing a tortoiseshell cat? If so, you are likely to know they are highly intelligent little creatures and their relationships with people are very important to them.  But Rachael provides her own entertainment too.  She is quite energetic as she goes about her day, playing vigorously with her toys, batting about her bouncy balls, and scampering up and down stairways and cat trees. She is very friendly and happily welcomes visitors to her foster home, grateful when someone reaches down to pet her.  The consensus of her foster family and all who have met her is that she is very sweet and loving. She's definitely a people-cat, doesn't mind being picked up and loves to be on a lap. She is currently living in a multi-cat foster home and it's quite stressful for her. Her preference is definitely to be an only child so that she can have her people all to herself.

Rachael has a sensitivity to fish. She is doing well on Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal High Energy dry food and Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal Moderate Calorie canned food. Both are available at veterinary clinics.