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Color:      DMH Orange & White
Age:        Approx. October 25, 2018
Gender:   Neutered Male


Q-bert is the poster child for why cats shouldn't be given as gifts to children, or to anyone for that matter. When things didn't go as planned, he was given away, then given away again until he very luckily ended up in the care of a PAW foster provider.


You’ll remember that unusual name, and we think you’ll remember this adorable youngster. This medium-haired orange and white boy knows his priorities: good company, play-time and food. Q-bert needs friends – human or feline, he’s excellent with either. He’ll want to spend a lot of time with you, especially on your lap, but if you are working at your computer, he’ll join you, and improve your spelling by using the keyboard himself. If you’re ready for fun and games, Q-bert is, too. Do you have a cat already? Q-bert is open to the idea of siblings; as long as they are playful and friendly, this boy will be happy. Don’t worry about him trying to take others’ food at meal-time. He has courteous manners: he won’t even go looking for food on kitchen counters. What he is looking for is a permanent, loving home. He is gentle with people of all ages. We think that if you meet Q-bert, you will have reason to remember him: you’ll want to make memories with him forever.