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Colour:              DLH Persian mix, gray with some rusty hues
Born:                 Approx.  March 20, 2003
Gender:            Spayed Female


Minuet had lived with the same person for sixteen years when her owner decided to surrender her. Minuet had been habitually wetting outside her litter-box and, according to her veterinarian, was now diabetic. This proved too much for Min’s human, who was moving to a new residence and felt that a cat with a litter-box problem and diabetes was too much to handle. This is an unusual rescue for PAW; however, Minuet's future was bleak and we felt we could work with her issues.


Minuet had urinated outside her litter-box even before she was adopted from a shelter by her last owner in 2006. She had been returned to her area's humane society three times for the same reason, and it was the thought that she might eventually be euthanized that made her person decide to keep her. In her PAW foster-home, a strategy was applied involving the exclusive use of a specialty litter, and Minuet is now using the litter-box correctly without fail. She also had to deal with diarrhea, a condition she has previously suffered due to extreme stress. Liberal application of a calming spray and pro-biotic to her food have dealt with that problem. As for her diabetes… What can we say? It was a veterinary misdiagnosis based upon a single blood-glucose reading. Numerous readings in her new home demonstrated excellent blood-glucose numbers without the assistance of insulin, and her new doctor agrees that Minuet is not only not diabetic, but likely never was.

As may be imagined, an abrupt change to a new home after a decade and a half in a settled and familiar world can be traumatic for a cat. Yet Minuet has handled this sudden shift remarkably well. She is not yet friends with her new foster-guardian but nonetheless enjoys his attentions and purrs upon touch. She looks forward to her meals - specialty foods – and lets her new person know in the mornings that she is hungry. She doesn’t care for the other cats in her foster-home – she warns them when they are trespassing in the room set aside for her – but explores the rest of the house from time to time. Minuet is a very old lady but won’t be limited by her age: she climbs up the arms and back of a couch to reach the carpeted top of a bookcase where she can catch the warmth of the sun, and see the outside world. She plays a little bit and is interested in her surroundings. As time progresses, so will her integration, and she will come to meet her feline roommates, and learn that she is welcome everywhere in her new home.


Minuet is not available for adoption. She is one of PAW’s ‘sanctuary-cats’, who, because of age or health or temperament, are not suited for adoption. Min is lucky to have so far made the transition to her new world with as few troubles as she has had; it’s not felt that she should have to make another. She will live out her remaining years – may they be many! – in gentle retirement, given whatever she needs for her comfort and contentment.