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Color:      DMH Gold & Black Tabby
Age:        Born Approx. September, 2012
Gender:   Neutered male


Lynx came in as a stray from a Lethbridge neighbourhood. He'd been fending for himself for awhile - apparent because of his initial fear of people. But a sustained kindness shown towards him quickly helped him to remember that not all humans are bad. In fact, he now knows they can be a source of deep love and comfort. He's a large boy, extraordinarily handsome (even better in person), some think with Main Coon characteristics (a breed known as gentle giants). That would certainly describe Lynx.


Lynx is very good with other cats too; he shares his foster home with several. He greets his feline friends with a friendly head-butt, then goes about his day in many endearing ways. His favourite toy is a cigar-shaped cap-nip toy that he likes to bat about. He keeps his fur coat immaculately groomed. His manners are perfect, preferring his litter box to be in a private area. He'll get your attention with a tiny voice, sometimes to ask for a treat. Aside from cats and people, he also shares his home with a couple of cat-friendly dogs. They're his friends too. His foster mom's young grandsons sometimes stop by and Lynx accepts them as part of the family.  "A perfect little cat" says foster mom.