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September 5, 2023 ~ December 5, 2023

It is with absolutely broken hearts that we share the news of

precious, little Liam's passing.

At around eight weeks of age, Liam was brought to the door of

one of our experienced foster providers. They were told he was from an acreage, an orphan, but no information about his feline family was known. We treated him with anitibiotics and lysine for a

weepy eye (a suspected upper respiratory infection).

His symptoms were not unusual for a homeless kitten living outdoors and we fully expected he would make a full recovery. But that's not the way it went. His respiratory infection persisted and worsened. As his condition deteriorated, we decided to screen for the feline leukemia virus and

much to our disappointment and sadness, the test was positive.

His little body was tired and weak, life had become a struggle.

The gut-wrenching decision to euthanize was made.

Sweet Liam didn't get the chance to live his life for very long but for those few short weeks in our care, he was loved and cared about.

We are deeply grateful to Liam's foster family.