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(all orphaned)

           Adah                          Harold                      Tucker                             Li'l Lady                    Buddy

These little kittens were orphaned due to various reasons (see below) but were lucky enough to be placed with a nursing mom (Miss Mew) who had lost her own kittens through an unsuccessful caesarian section. The person who was caring for the mother cat contacted PAW to say she had a nursing mom and could take on some orphaned kittens. Giving Miss Mew the opportunity to mother these little orphans helped her both physically and emotionally. She was a superb mom to every one of her little adopted charges..

All five are currently being treated with itraconozole, a ringworm medication. They contracted ringworm from another orphaned kitten (not shown here) who was the first kitten to be brought to Miss Mew - by an individual in the community. That kitten, Polly, was treated sooner than the others because she was a few weeks older. Polly has since been adopted through PAW. We will be doing follow-up tests for the above five and will keep you posted. In the meantime, if you'd like to know more about any of the kittens, please submit an inquiry by clicking here. We would be happy to get started on the adoption process with you! 

It's important to note that ringworm is not a worm;  it is a fungus. Although ringworm is contagious, to which these little guys can attest, it resolves with treatment. Humans can contract ringworm as well, to which their foster mom can also attest, but it is easily treatable with an over-the-counter medication. The kittens will be available to adopt once they have been cleared by our veterinarian - hopefully by early September. 

Adah came from a managed feral colony on her second day of life. Two of the three in her litter had perished and we made the decision to remove Adah before that became her fate as well. It seemed that their young mom was too inexperienced to cope with caring for kittens. She was new to the colony and we are hoping to trap and spay her.

Harold, Li'l Lady and Buddy were found in an abandoned dump truck after it had been moved. Sadly, efforts to locate their mom were unsuccessful. 

Tucker was born to a little mother cat who didn't have enough milk to feed all her babies.


Color:      DSH White & Black

Born:       April 27, 2018
Gender:   Female

Harold (sibling of Buddy & Li'l Lady)

Color:      DSH Gray and White

Born:       April 25, 2018

Gender:   Male


Colour:    DMH Black

Born:       April 17, 2018

Gender:   Male

Li'l Lady (sibling of Harold & Buddy)

Colour:    DSH White & Gray

Born:        April 25, 2018

Gender:   Female

Buddy (sibling of Harold & Lil'l Lady)

Colour:     DSH Gray and White

Born:         April 25 2018

Gender:    Male