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Kichi (kee-chee)

Color:      DSH Tortoiseshell and white
Age:        Born approx. May 25, 2015
Gender:  Spayed Female


A couple discovered a young cat crying and shivering under a truck in the parking lot of a big box store. When they called to her, she ran into their arms. It's a puzzle as to why this little cat was in that particular situation. There were no houses close by.  She was in good shape.  Did she somehow hitch a ride in or under a vehicle?  We'll never know. Her rescuers advertised on social media as well as at the local shelters, however, no owner came forward to claim her. She was placed in the care of PAW and was fully vetted. She went on to be adopted, however was returned in early November, 2017, due to suspected allergies of a new baby.


Kichi is a busy little lady, full of personality and excellent self esteem. In her first adoptive home, she and the dog loved each other. She's doing well with the resident cats in her foster home but they are much older and not as as indulgent as her dog friend was.  Undiscouraged, she simply turns her attention to other things that could be of interest. "She is sooo very smart", says her foster mom.  Kichi carefully observes and then practises how things work (e.g. doors and drawers). She plots how to get up to high places. Providing an interesting environment (cardboard boxes, etc.), cat furniture and window perches are excellent ways to ensure busy cats get the exercise and stimulation they need.  There's never a dull moment with this gorgeous, fun little cat.

At nighttime, Kichi likes to tuck in beside her person, sometimes resting her head on the pillow.  She doesn't stay in bed all night - but that's where she starts out. A tortoiseshell cat has a deep desire for a strong bond with her person. Says her foster mom, "She's perfect."

Kichi likes dogs:

Kichi's baby picture: