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RIP precious little baby. Jade died suddenly on June 28, 2024. She was sleeping on foster mom's bed and never woke up. Although this caused us great concern, sometimes kittens can have congenital disorders that affect a vital organ. We were still pondering the incident when the very next day, Jade's mom, Honey, began to feel unwell. We thought she may be depressed due to Jade's death but over the next few days, despite receiving supportive care, Honey continued to decline and was subsequently euthanized on July 4, 2024. We immediately had the remaining kitten, Jade's sister Cher, tested for the Feline Leukemia virus and, unfortunately, the test was positive. We now had the answer to what took the lives of Jade and her mom. The virus would have been passed to Honey's kittens in utero or through her milk. Honey was likely infected through her own mother just a few short months ago. We are heart broken about this little family. They were with us only three weeks. They had no chance to live the wonderful lives we envisioned for them. Those who have fostered cats will understand it is a personally devastating event when a rescued cat passes away while in one's care. They are no different than our own.


Colour:              DSH Black and White (Tuxedo)

Born:                  April 24, 2024

Gender:             Female


Jade's mom, Honey, was surviving in a residential alley-way close to the downtown core. A kindly neighbourhood resident could tell she was pregnant and brought her indoors. Jade and her sister, Cher, were born on April 24, 2024, in the rescuer's home. They will be vet checked and vaccinated on July 10, 2024.


Play, wrestle, sleep, repeat - as many cycles as can be squeezed into a day! They are very happy girls, not to mention cute - and extremely lucky that someone took in their mom. No feral kittens here! We will keep you updated as their personalities emerge.

Jade (right) with sister, Cher (left)