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RIP sweet little momma. It all started on June 28, 2024, when one of Honey's kittens, Jade, died suddenly. Such a death is unusual but it can happen, sometimes due to a congenital disorder affecting a vital organ. As we were figuring out our next steps, Honey became depressed and stopped eating. We thought perhaps it was due to the death of her baby. She had been such a good and attentive little mom; however, over the next couple of days, Honey rapidly deteriorated and was subsequently euthanized at her vet appointment on July 4, 2024. We suspected the cause was viral. Rather than order a necropsy, we decided to investigate Honey's remaining kitten, Cher. She was immediately brought to the clinic and, unfortunately, tested positive for Feline Leukemia. It is a vicious disease in its end stage and Cher's positive test confirmed it was the reason for her mom's and sister's deaths. The virus would have been passed to the kittens either in utero or through their mom's milk. There's a good chance Honey was infected the same way - by her own mother just a few months prior.

We are heart broken about this little family. Honey and Jade were with us only three weeks (intake June 14, 2024). They had no chance to live the wonderful lives we envisioned for them. Those who have fostered cats will understand - it is devastating when a foster cat passes away while in our care. Rescued cats take up a place in our hearts from the moment they arrive. A great deal of time and energy is spent getting to know them and a concerted effort is made to provide them with the affection and respect they may never have known. When our vision ends abruptly, like with Honey and Jade, it is despairing for all of us.

It is rare, but a young kitten can clear the virus from its body (we've had this happen). So far, Cher is active and happy and has a good appetite. We will continue to closely monitor her health and give her every chance possible. For as long as she is with us, she'll know love.


Colour:              DSH Black, few white hairs on chest

Born Approx:    August 24, 2023

Gender:             Female (spay date - July 10)


Honey was surviving in a residential alley-way close to the downtown core. A kindly neighbourhood resident could tell she was pregnant and brought her indoors. She birthed two babies on April 24, 2024 - two little girls, Jade and Cher. Honey will be ready to adopt later in July once she has recovered from spay surgery.


Honey would have become pregnant in February of this year, probably during her first heat - a baby having babies. That's how fast it happens, gestation is only 63 days. She is very tiny but thankfully, only had two kittens. Mother cats have to eat a lot to produce enough milk to nurse babies. She came to a PAW foster home when the kittens were seven weeks old. It's obvious she had been someone's pet because she's very social and wants a human's attention and affection. Her kitten-ish side is still there too. Black furred girls are very clever little cats and become strongly bonded with their humans. We will have more to share about her personality as we get to know her.