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Color:      DMH Black Tabby & White
Age:        Born Approx. April 4, 2017
Gender:   Spayed Female/microchipped


Cydney suffered violence at the hand of her person and was removed from the home by a government organization that had the authority to do so. As with humans who suffer domestic violence, 'home' was familiar and sometimes peaceful, but more often frightening and unpredictable. She was subsequently surrendered to a local rescue group.


When rescue groups take in cats, there is often no option but to place them with other cats, sometimes with many cats, as was the case with this little soul. Cats who aren't used to a multi-cat environment can struggle for awhile, but eventually they usually find a way to cope and live their life. One year later, Cydney is coping but not thriving. She is very intelligent, an observer of all that goes on around her, but one who stays under the radar. Her caregiver feels she is sad and lonely. Cydney desperately needs a real home, a loving and healing energy to surround her, a welcoming lap (she would love a lap!). We don't say this often, but, despite our best efforts, sweet little Cydney needs to be rescued...again. 

If you'd like to inquire about Cydney, click here

Cydney in the cat-enclosure: