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Color:      DSH Snowshoe colouring, blue eyes
Age:        Born September 2013

Gender:  Spayed female


Charlotte was rescued and adopted out when just a kitten in late 2013. Then in the summer of 2016, she was returned from her adoptive home after a new puppy was introduced and things didn't go so well. Introductions to new pets (especially if the new pet is young and exuberant) must be done carefully. Puppy energy can be overwhelming for a cat. Cats must be given a safe refuge while puppy learns the ropes. It will be well worth your efforts to allow pets plenty of time to safely and respectfully get to know each other. Where there's trust, best of friends can be the outcome.


What we've discovered about Charlotte is that she's an absolute sweetheart! She's very friendly and gentle and does very well in her multi-cat foster home. When returned, she left behind a kitty friend with whom she had a close relationship. We felt sad for her! It's impossible for cats to understand why their world has been turned upside down, but they are definitely little creatures who live in the moment - and Charlotte has continued to be her cheerful, optimistic self. She is an observant little girl, likes to watch for a bit before taking part. She does just fine with cat-friendly dogs as her foster home has a couple of regular dog visitors. 

Charlotte enjoying a drippy tap: