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Colour:             Tortie-point Siamese (blue eyes)

Born Approx:   Unknown, vet estimates November, 2018

Gender:            Spayed Female (microchipped)


Carmella (new name) was camped out on someone's porch in a small town outside of Lethbridge for several weeks before her caregiver called to see if we had room for her. No one had advertised her as a being lost. She has now been health checked, vaccinated and microchipped. Our veterinarian shaved her tummy which revealed a spay scar. She has put on weight since being rescued - which is what we were hoping as she needed more padding along her spine (this helps determine a cat's age). For a cat who could possibly have lived outside for awhile, she has adapted to indoor-life just fine (as most stray cats do).


Carmella is a sweet and friendly little lady who is looking for a deep relationship. She is currently in a foster home with several cats which continues to be challenging for her. You know how some cats just get picked on? Well, that, unforunately, is Carmella's experience at the moment. We are trying to find another foster home for her, one with fewer cats or none at all. She stays in the background, preferring not to draw other's attention perhaps, but those bright little blue eyes don't miss a trick! She is a keen observer of everything that goes on in her world - we suppose that's partially self-protection. She is very comfortable with people and doesn't mind being picked up and very much enjoys being petted. She will let you brush her (now) beautiful coat. We think she may have been fed principally people-food as she can be quite insistent around the humans' dinner plates :) Foster mom transitioned her to good quality canned and dry foods and these days she enjoys whatever flavour is on offer (if you're familiar with cats, you'll know that's a win!). "She's such a cutie and I am enjoying her very much. At night, there's too much competition for the bed so she prefers sleeping on a cozy blanket in a cat carrier." If you have room on your bed, we think she'd choose that.

Slurp..loves her treats