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Color:               DMH Black/Gray Tabby, white markings and socks
Born Approx:   March, 2019
Gender:            Neutered Male, microchipped


One crisp, cold morning in early 2020, a Lethbridge resident noticed kitty paw prints in the snow at the front of her house. It was far too cold, the woman thought, for those to be of a neighbour's cat. A heated bowl of canned food was put out that evening to see if someone needed a meal. Someone did. Over the next many months, the cat became a regular guest at her front door. This wasn't the first time she had provided a steady food source for a stray cat. Some, over the years, were eventually trapped and rescued. Others disappeared. She wasn't particularly hopeful about this one. He would need to be clever and lucky to avoid the coyotes that lived in the coulees close to her home.

But this wary 'stray boy' managed to stay alive and continued to come throughout the summer. The humans would spot their handsome tabby guest some distance away in the front yard, waiting for his supper. He shared the food bowl with a young skunk, having the advantage of arriving earlier in the evening than his striped friend. With winter's approach, the woman decided it was now or never. She had to try to bring him indoors. Around the same time, she felt it was safe to give him a proper name.

He would prove to be a challenge to capture as he had no intention of going in that scary-looking con'trap'tion! Patience and planning were needed to outsmart this fellow. The food was placed a few feet away from the entrance to the trap (the door had been tied open). Over the course of a couple of weeks, the dish was gradually moved closer to the trap, then to the mouth of the trap, then, bit by bit, further into the trap until it was where it needed to be at the far end. At that point, assured that his entire body would be far enough into the trap to trip the door, the trap was set and....success!


His rescuer felt badly about having to lure him into the trap. Building trust with a shy cat is a big deal. However, in order to save his life, the baby steps he'd made had to be temporarily set aside. Once in his own sanctuary room, time was spent sitting with him and talking to him in reassuring tones. Other people spent time with him too. A neuter appointment wasn't available for six weeks but that was okay because, once again, she (now his foster mom) had to help him become familiar with yet another enclosure - a cat carrier. Treats were tossed into the walk-in carrier to help him become accustomed to entering it. Fortunately, he loves treats and when the day arrived, there was no problem getting him into the carrier. He's had a home at some point in his life, short-lived as it may have been.

Callum is a big, solid boy - healthy too! He now boops his foster family's legs, wanting to be stroked. He continues to mellow as his hormones settle. He's met most of the cats in his foster home and, as with the majority of cat introductions, there's the usual hissing and low growls. He's still a little wary of the Yorkie dog who's about a quarter of his size. Callum enjoys interactive play with a string toy. He's becoming more familiar with the sights and sounds of a home but still retreats to his room if something makes him feel a little unsettled. We look forward to Callum having the life he deserves - with a family, safe and protected and cherished.

UPDATE: December 5/20: It's been a joy to watch Callum's progress! He is now very playful, especially in the mornings when he will scoot around like a kitten - you know, that sideways shuffle-thing they do! He entertains himself with balls and springs, even pieces of fuzz, and still loves interactive play with a string toy. He is very interested in what you are doing and where you are going. He'll follow you around, booping your legs, making it clear he wants your attention. Sometimes he wants food - and will tap your feet in quite an insistent manner. It didn't take him long to feel entitled :) He now allows himself to be picked up and carried for short distances. He's growing into the wonderful companion and friend that we were quite sure he would become.

If you'd like to inquire about Callum, click here.

Loves to lie in and scratch his box:

Callum finally initiates contact: