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                                                                                                   Photography courtesy of Tanya Plonka

Adoption Pending!


Color:      Domestic Short-hair, Orange Tabby with white muzzle and chin
Age:        Adult

Gender:  Neutered Male


Teemo was rescued by PAW  in early 2006 when he was about four months old. He and his sister, Teegan, came into PAW's foster system as little strays.  Teemo was more shy than his sister so he stayed in his foster home a couple of months longer before being placed in the adoption centre PAW had at the time.  After a short stay there, Teemo was adopted into what we trusted would be his permanent home.  In August, 2010, PAW  was informed  by his current guardian that Teemo would be coming back to PAW. We did not know he had been given away to someone else. He's been waiting for a new home since then.


The home that returned Teemo was also a children's day-home. Little childrens' energy can be quite frightening for a cat that hasn't grown up in a busy household.  In a case like that, cats cope best when provided with safety zones where they can eat, sleep and use their litter box without being disturbed. Patience is the key, both for the children and for the pets. A sensitive cat like Teemo needs special consideration when living in an environment like a day-home.

Let us consider all the changes our big, handsome Teemo has gone through in his life so far:  abandoned, placed in a foster home, moved to an adoption centre, adopted, given away, returned to PAW. Some cats adapt quickly; others need time to build trust - it is always worth the time and effort.  Even with all these changes in his life, Teemo soon began to communicate his desire for affection to his foster mom.  He twirled and talked and, as is often the case with shy cats, chose bed-time to get to know her better. If the bed wasn't already a little crowded, he would stay there all night.  Now, whenever foster mom takes a moment on the couch, Teemo is quick to get onto her lap or snuggle closely beside her. He loves to be petted or have your arm around him. He asks to be brushed. Approaching him from a standing position still causes him to be wary. The friendship of another cat seems to provide Teemo with a feeling of well being.